China to Host Warhol Exhibitions Without the Maos

The Wall Street Journal says: though Warhol works will be shown at Chinese museums, any images of Mao will be excluded. An op-ed in Global Times speculated last month that the images of Mao, which are often colored in pastels and bright colors and may appear to show the leader wearing makeup, could be considered disrespectful.Continue reading “China to Host Warhol Exhibitions Without the Maos”

Big Developments in Gardner Art Theft Case

According to The New York Times and CNN: Federal officials announced that they know the identities of thieves from the Gardner Art Theft. Also: an op-ed piece discussing the new findings As mentioned in our recent entry, the FBI is now using this website to collect information and locate the lost artworks.  Of note: the FBIContinue reading “Big Developments in Gardner Art Theft Case”

Art Law Articles of Interest

FBI Turns to Internet to solve $500 Million Gardner Heist – CNET It was the largest property crim in US history, one shrouded in mystery for 23 years. Now the FBI is turning to cyberspace as it trumpets a breakthrough in the case. When Art Finance Bets Goes Bad: The Downside of Third Party GuaranteesContinue reading “Art Law Articles of Interest”