Martin Martensen-Larsen

Friday Link Round-Up

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Danish artist, Martin Martensen-Larsen, plans to turn the body of a convicted murderer, currently on death-row in Texas, into a work of art. The prisoner, Travis Runnels, has donated his body for the piece, which will be painted gold and modeled on Lincoln’s Memorial.  The artist has already begun to prepare his argument against the Texas “Abuse of a Corpse” statute.  Definitely curious about how this will turn out. I have a hunch Texas courts will have a strict interpretation of the word “offensive”…
Censorship at the British Pavilion? Jeremy Deller left a banner with the words, ‘Prince Harry Kills Me,” out of his exhibition at the request of the British Council.
New updates on the potential sale of the DIA collection here and here.  Apparently, the Philadelphia Museum of History resorted to deaccession in 2011. What does a gift agreements to a museum entail? Is it assumed that the donation won’t be sold, or must it be explicitly stated? If so, will people continue to give unrestricted gifts? So. many. questions.
Happy weekend, y’all.