Looters Ahead

Otto Dix painting, sourced from WikiMedia The trove of Nazi-era art of previously unregistered works by Marc Chagall, Otto Dix, Max Liberman and Henri Matisse found in an apartment last March has presented some interesting legal questions.  There are a few layers of shady, potentially criminal, activity at work here, the initial Nazi-looting and thenContinue reading “Looters Ahead”

Art Law Articles of Interest

FBI Turns to Internet to solve $500 Million Gardner Heist – CNET It was the largest property crim in US history, one shrouded in mystery for 23 years. Now the FBI is turning to cyberspace as it trumpets a breakthrough in the case. When Art Finance Bets Goes Bad: The Downside of Third Party GuaranteesContinue reading “Art Law Articles of Interest”