Art Law Articles of Interest

It was the largest property crim in US history, one shrouded in mystery for 23 years. Now the FBI is turning to cyberspace as it trumpets a breakthrough in the case.
When Art Finance Bets Goes Bad: The Downside of Third Party Guarantees – Blouin ArtInfo
A 19-year old Romanian woman has been arrested for the theft of seven paintings worth up to 100 million euro from the Kunsthal in Rotterdam
Last April five thieves stole 18 valuable Chinese artworks from the Fitzwilliam Museum.  The case is set for May 20th.
Artist Sued by Reluctant YouTube Star: “Technoviking” alleges breach of privacy. – The Art Newspaper
Hermitage to Host Manifesta Biennial: Exhibition will test increasingly conservative climate in St. Petersburg. – The Art Newspaper 

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