Board Members

FALS was founded to create a variety of opportunities for Fordham Law students interested in the relationship between art and law. The FALS board consists of the members who work to plan these opportunities  from fundraising and preparation to running the actual events. With a shared passion and commitment to the intersection of art and law, the FALS board has the essential role of managing the organization’s every day affairs, and building strong ties between the Fordham and art law community.

President: Elle Davis ’17

    Vice President: Lauren Paylor ’17            Treasurer: Andrew Dunn ’18

Publications Director: Meghna Prasad ’18         Secretary: Alex Kirk ’18

Alumni Relations Chair: Caroline Keegan ’17

1L Representatives:

S.J.D. Liaison: Steffanie Keim             Resident Librarian: Alison Shea

Supervising Faculty: Aaron SaigerLeila Amineddoleh

Prior Board Members

Morgan Manley ’16 (President 2015-16; Secretary 2013-15)

Alyson Stone ’16 (Treasurer 2015-16)

Laura Zaharia ’16  (Publication’s Director 2015-16)

Allison Job ’15 (President 2013-15; Vice President for Administration 2012-13)

Blaise Niosi ’15 (Vice President 2012-15)

Dora Georgescu ’15 (Treasurer 2013-15)

Katie Gerlach ’14 (Vice President of Administration 2013-14)

Alexander Bussey ’13 (Treasurer 2012-13)

Nicole Horowitz (President 2012-13)

Samantha Gillespie (Secretary 2012-13)