No one gets between me and my…tattoo artist.

Image courtesy of Design Taxi

The Washington D.C. Department of Health proposed a 24-hour waiting period for people seeking a tattoo or body piercing.  Check out the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking here.  In line with agency notice and comment requirements, the public has 30 days to comment on the proposal before it could become a final regulation.  My gut reaction is that it’s an overreach with a whiff of nanny state mentality.  Doesn’t D.C. have more important things to worry about than my improperly translated tramp stamp (sorry, lower back tattoo)?

Check out the contract that convinced Antonin Dvorak to relocate to New York from Prague.

Despite the substantial challenges posed to artists and journalists who travel to Guantanamo Bay, a few have been granted access over the years.  The works of some artists will available to the public this fall.

With turmoil and subsequent looting increasing, Egyptians are banding together via social media in an effort to protect their archeological sites, monuments and museums.

Exorbitant executive pay extends to private foundations.  Not exactly a surprise.  However, accusations of mismanagement by foundations tied to artists’ estates are increasing and pretty shocking.

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