In Lieu of Sunshine….

here are some links to get you through this rainy Friday:

The Velvet Underground went bananas over some iProducts, then they settled for an undisclosed amount.

State Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville-R has proposed a bill to prevent the sale of the DIA collection, and protect cultural assets from bankruptcy proceedings in general. However, it is unclear how the Legislature proposes to go about this, particularly in light of the fact that federal bankruptcy court trumps state law.

Ontario has designated Richard Serra’s outdoor sculpture, “Shift,” a protected heritage site.  Viewers no longer have to trespass for art’s sake.

The Rijksmuseum is offering their high-resolution images of their collection online.  The National Gallery in London and the Smithsonian Institute in Washington have made parts of their collections available, however, they are lower-grade images.

A New York trial court dismissed dealer Marc Jancou’s suit against artist Cady Noland for tortious interference with his contract with Sotheby’s.  Noland disclaimed the piece, owned by Jancou, asserting her right under the Visual Artists Rights Act permitting an artist to prevent use of her name as the author of a work if it would cause reputational harm.

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