Picking Up Where We Left Off.

It’s still raining in New York.  In other news:

The State Senate thinks DIAs’ collection is important, but less important than summer vacay.  Over on Bloomberg, Virginia Postrel makes a pretty good case for why the collections should be sold off.

Richard Prince posted a video of him burning a “Canal Zone” painting, one of the pieces at issue in the copyright infringement lawsuit brought against him by photographer Patrick Cariou.  It may or may not be the actual painting….

Sotheby’s pulled 10 pieces from the Latin American auction that took place in May out of authenticity concerns.

Museums appear to be falling short of their pledge, made over fifteen years ago, to settle Holocaust restitution claims on the merits.  Watch the interview with Marty Grosz, it offers a compelling face to the cause.

Even if successfully pursued, restitution claims do not provide a speedy resolution.

Interesting op-ed in support of an approach to the Fair Use doctrine that is less of a “lottery”, and more expansive.

Not necessarily art law related (yet at least), but an interesting project at MIT allows you to turn your metadata into a more readily-digestible infographic.

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